business coaching

business coaching

Transition to self employment

With increasing rates of unemployment we are finding increasing numbers of individuals considering self-employment, with this in mind we are able to offer Business Coaching and Mentoring 1-1, workshops that will help with transition, learning new skills and an integral network programme.People who may be forced into unemployment may decide that starting again in a new job is less attractive for a variety of reasons.  Starting a new business offers the opportunity to test your ability to go it alone to find new energy generated through your own inspiration and taking steps towards an authentic life that provides a sense of achievement, worth and greater reward.  For individuals who have not developed their business plan your are recommended to take our Business Planning workshop.

Packages start from just £99 per month

 Mentoring Groups 

Working alone?  Would you like to share your ideas, business issues within a team?The Intrepid Business Services Mentoring Groups are a carefully selected group of non competing business owners that meet once a month to share their business and personal challenges with each other in a practical, supportive and cost effective way.   Working with other local business owners from non competing businesses in a Boardroom setting you discuss your significant business challenges and gain valuable new ideas and knowledge to respond effectively to business issues. Your colleagues will hold you accountable to your commitments each month ensuring that you make the progress you had planned.

Packages start from just £99 per month


How much time do you spend working ON your business? Our workshops are designed to apply directly to your business and personal life.  The delivery provides opportunities for group work and 1:1 with a coach.   The core workshops are Business Growth, Personal Development and Succession Planning and our Business Planning workshop for start-up businesses.

Packages start from just £99 half-day workshop

1-1      Coaching and Mentoring

Are you achieving your personal aims and goals? Are you earning enough money? Do you have enough customers? Your business plan is a blueprint for the direction of your company. We will help you create or develop your plan into a practical, action-orientated strategy for future growth.  Are you wasting your money on advertising and marketing? We will show you how understanding your clients and making a few simple changes can dramatically increase your profits.  Are you feeling isolated and in need of someone to share your ideas or challenges with?

Packages start from just £299 for three 2 hour meetings, either Skype, phone or face to face in IBS Intrepid Business Service central locations in Berkshire, South Oxford and North Hampshire.


Business Growth Workshop

A variety of subjects are covered in these sessions but primarily around business growth.  These are areas such as business planning, budgeting, process development, systems, sales strategies, selling skills, marketing strategies, PR, advertising, networking skills and employee development/motivation.

Personal Growth Workshop

These workshops focus on your personal development.  Areas such as time management, communication skills, speaking skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, personality profiling, self awareness, life planning and goal setting are covered.